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Thank you to you and your excellent team. I am extremely grateful for your assistance during this difficult time and allowing me the opportunity to move on with Final Property Orders being made by Consent in the Family Court of Australia at Melbourne.


I sought that my Application for Divorce be expedited and following submissions made by you on my behalf the Divorce Certificate has now been issued from the Court. Thank You.


Thank you for finalizing parenting arrangements. Final Orders made in the Family Court provide for me to spend significant time with our children and to be involved in decisions relating to their care including their medical needs and schooling requirements.


I am grateful to you and your team for helping me through this difficult time. I am able to keep my home and my business and spend time with my children.


I needed the security of Court Orders and with the help and guidance of your team the Husband and I were able to resolve outstanding issues and finalise Orders.


I am grateful to you and your team for helping me through this difficult time. Final Orders in the Family Court provided for the Husband to spend time with the children and for the former matrimonial home to be sold. Whilst I was reluctant to sell the home, which was both comfortable and familiar to the children, I have since been able to purchase a new home for myself and the children (close to where the Husband resides) and the children have settled in well and made new friends.

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